Caramel flavour

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The Caramel flavour is delicious, filling and ready to eat within 30 seconds!

Just add milk or water!

Enjoy a bowl of multi-grains & multi legumes mixed with 100% whey protein isolates, buttermilk & full cream milk powder. Each serving is high in protein, high in Zinc, high in Fibers as well as vitamins and minerals.

With every order, you donate 10% of the weight you buy... Buy 650g & donate 65g
We heartily thank you for your contribution to the fight against stunting.

Together we will bring change to many children in South Africa.

🥣Wholegrain • 🥜 High protein • 🤸🏾‍♀️Well balanced Macro & Micronutrients • 🌱 High-Performance Nutrition ⁠⁠