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At StartWell, we’re a passionate team making a measurable difference in the fight against a specific kind of malnutrition which is the leading cause of child stunting. We don’t just talk about the problem – we take action by designing, producing, and delivering nutrient-rich, ready-to-eat meals directly to vulnerable communities.

These meals compete against the best on our retail shelves - this is why they are available online here for your family to enjoy at home! Enjoy this meal as a healthy family breakfast, a daily nutrient rich meal replacement, or even high preformance athlete recovery!

Our Foundation

We fight to ensure every child has regular access to bioavailable, high protein meals during their early development phases.

During a child’s early development stages, they must receive quality macro & micronutrients daily to grow and develop towards their full potential. The StartWell Foundation was established in 2018 to design and produce nutrient-dense, supplementary ready-to-eat meals to support children exposed to severe malnutrition.

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  • Design & Produce

    We own and operate a food extrusion and fortification facility. This allows us to design and produce tailored products. It is key that we have complete control over recipe design, raw materials, ingredient quality, recipe consistency, and food safety throughout the entire process.

  • Nourish & Educate

    Beyond providing children with daily ready-to-eat meals, we actively address the root causes of malnutrition. We raise awareness and share information on the importance of proper nutrition in low resource settings. Nutritional information workshops are part of each intervention program.

  • Build meaningful partnerships

    The early growth spurts of babies, infants and toddlers cannot be paused when resources become scarce. We build strong interconnecting paths between the Donors, NGO’s and nutritionally exposed growing children in South Africa. When real generosity and real needs connect, magic/miracles can happen!

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